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  Lady From Havana Mema, Beba & Gloria Cocunut Grove Playhouse
  Lady From Havana Mema, Beba & Gloria I.N.T.A.R., NYC
  El Dia de Gloria Gloria L.A.T.E.A., NYC
  Las Cartas Boca Abajo Anita I.A.T.I., NYC
  El Otro Damiana Dramart & I.A.T.I., NYC
  The House of Bernarda Alba Poncia Nuestro Teatro, NYC
  El Pez Que Fuma Madam Nuestro Teatro, NYC
  O.K. Mina Spanish Repertory, NYC
  La Cuba de Ayer Singing Appearance Alonso, Inc., Florida
  Casta de Robles Leading Role Columbia Pictures, Cuba
  Las Mujeres Mandan Leading Role J. Fernandez, Cuba
  Escuela de Modelos Leading Role J. Fernandez, Cuba
  Fotocrimen Leading Role R.C.A. Victor, Cuba
  On Camera Acting Workshop Bob Collier NYC
  Two Week Crash Course Bob Colliers NYC
  Course Acting Technique Grant Bishop NYC
  Acting for TV Norman Hall TV Acting Studio, NYC
  English Pronuntiation Donna Ritchie TV Acting Studio, NYC
  Completed Course Acting Frances Robinson Duff Private Teacher, NYC
  A.C.E. (Association of Spanish Critics of Arts) Special Award recognizing her talent and contribution to the Hispanic Theatre in NYC, plus 6 nominations for various roles; Colegio Nacional de Periodistas, (National Association of Journalists) Recognition for her role in films; DICTIONARY OF THE ARTS, Mexico D.F. The name of Miss Benguria is in it, recognized for her talent as an actress.